Sunday, January 9, 2011

Waiting For The Condo To Sell

After buying the motorhome and toad, we enjoyed a few shakedown trips in 2010. We went to Maumee Bay State Park in Ohio, to Columbus, Ohio to see Gary's son, and to Niagara Falls, Ontario. And the motorhome is working great. There was one operator error with the toad -- the rear brakes don't do well if you leave the parking brake on while towing.

Gary took the motorhome to Decatur, Indiana and to Celina, Ohio to have a round of work done to it such as new thin screen TVs, adjustable cabinet shelves, more cargo bay sliding trays, autoformer, etc.

During 2010, we also made some preparations for the sale of the condo. We held two garage sales and Gary has been selling a number of things on Craigslist.

In October, we listed the Condo for sale. We have had some showings but haven't received any offers yet. We are keeping our fingers crossed as we now are ready to see it sell at any time.

And earlier this month, I gave my notice at Ford that I would be retiring as of March 1. Yay!