Monday, February 21, 2011

Is That a Hat on Top of the Car?

Gary here for this post -- Leeanne only has five days of work left! She says she is too busy in her last working days to do a blog update. OK, I’ll sub for her this once (well, I am the ghost writer anyway).

No one is coming through to look at the condo. We are trying to blame it on the weather, but that may be turning a deaf ear to Michigan economic reality. We may take a shot at a firm bottom line price and give that a month or two. If nothing turns up from that, we may put it on the rental market, even though we would rather not, and hope house prices will go up in the future. But one thing for sure, with Leeanne retired from working, we both will be champing at the bit to be out on the road.

We continue to make preparations to our rig for fulltiming. And the most recent one came Saturday when we purchased a rooftop cargo box for the “Toad”. I had been looking for one on Craigslist but too many of those came with the caution “has some repairs from when we ran into the low clearance at the parking garage”. And others wouldn’t fit our Focus without the addition of special cross bars even though we have factory cross bars on our roof rack. So we bit the bullet and bought a new one. The size was just right for our car and the color was an amazing match. Although I measured carefully and knew it would fit, we weren’t prepared for the 1 ½ hour installation we worked through and that included the efforts of the owner of the shop. And it likely was a good thing he was there or our frustrations might have boiled over. We plan to put the golf clubs in the box so they will be with the car already when we go to the course and we didn’t want them eating up the space in the back of the car. We’ll have to see how that works out in practice. But in any event, isn’t she a beauty?