Tuesday, February 23, 2016

At Long Last–Something to Report

When last we were seen blogging, we had become MotorHomeLess. We sold our motor home and moved into a park model while we figured out just what we would be doing next. Well, it has taken a while but the plan came together -- in due course -- and now has been implemented.

We debated if we should continue blogging. But we are just too close to 500 blog posts to quit. We'll update on our changes and try to report on some of our activities going forward, at least for awhile.

We moved into the park model last April and stayed there until December. We slowed way down from our traveling routine of the past few years.  We experienced a Florida Summer. Yes, it was hot and humid. The ocean frequently called our name.  We watched a fisherman catch and release a shark.  (Gary WAS swimming there.)


My Dad was discovered with terminal cancer. He died in August. I spent around 3 months in Michigan.

I had shoulder surgery in November to repair a torn and detached tendon. Gary handled a lot of all this on his own.

We decided to make Florida our Winter base, purchase some property, cease full-time RVing, but "re-invest" in a part time RVing rig for the next several years.

We wanted to live in an RV community and we chose just to remain at Willow Lakes RV Park in Titusville, Florida, where we had wintered twice and rented the park model. We looked for a part-time home to complement our future part-time RVing. And we wanted the new RVing rig to fit on the home property, so we really had to find the home first.

So without further adieu, here is the home we have purchased.


It is what is known as an RV port home. The overall structure is one of an RV port (car port on steroids) but part of the port is built out as a home (a big part on this one).


And as you can see there still is space in the port and driveway for some form of RVing rig to be reported on soon.  There is around 900 square feet of living space.  After over 4 years living in under 400 square feet, it seems huge.


We are on the Par 3 golf course. This is a view from the back of the house. We are between the second green and the third tee. And yes, we are hit by golf balls from time to time.

That’s more than enough for one blog post.  Next post we'll show the interior of the house.