Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Baking in the Motor Home

Just because we are living out of a motor home, doesn’t mean Leeanne isn’t going to bake 2011-12-09_13-35-37_64Christmas cookies, and bake Christmas cookies, and bake Christmas cookies.  She is up to 16 varieties.  She says she is done, but I am still counting.

Baking has been a bit of a challenge as she is now using a convection oven rather than gas oven and for some recipes temperature and time adjustments are necessary.  And the temperature settings of the oven proved not to be accurate either.  But she has it down.  I have sampled every batch and they are yummy!

After three tries, she also now has perfected a scaled d2011-12-09_13-35-01_254own Boone-family  pound cake recipe in the North Carolina pottery cake pan.  We tried it out on some of the neighbors here at the park and it was a crowd pleaser.  She will bake one this week to take north for the Boone family Christmas.


We are heading north on Thursday in the car.  We will take three days to make the 1,100 mile trip to northern Indiana.  Then will be on to Detroit and Columbus, Ohio.  We have been watching the weather.  It’s going to be quite the shock to go from daily 70’s to lows that have been in the 20’s.  We’ll have to dig out the winter coats, hats, and gloves out of the basement of the motor home.  Alley has already grown her winter coat.


  1. The Christmas "Goodies' sound yummy, but I don't envy you leavin' the tropics for cold and miserable up north. Drive safely.

  2. Is that Leanne or June Cleaver?