Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Back In The Midwest

100_3166Last Thursday, we headed off to the airport in Phoenix to catch a plane to Detroit for a 10-day Christmas visit with family.  The past two years, we had driven back in the car from Florida (two-day trip each way) and from Texas (three-day trip each way) but this year it would have been a four-day trip one way so we decided to fly.  And then there was another decision – what to do with Alley cat.  We have a carrier which would fit underneath an airline seat and allow us to take her as a “carry on”.  We also considered having a cat sitter come to the motor home but in the final analysis, we chose to put her in a kennel, the first time she has ever been to a kennel.  Although it was tough for me to leave her there, Gary keeps telling me that she is at “camp” and having a great time.  I can imagine the stories now ……”one tine, at band camp………”.

We left the motor home hooked up to electric to keep the refrigerator running, but put all the water and sewer away, pulled in the slides and lowered the satellite dish.  Fortunately the forecast didn’t have any serious freezing predicted so we only did a partial winterization of the fresh water system and left a lit trouble light in the water bay just in case.

DSCN0450We arrived at the airport a full two hours ahead of our departure time only to find out that our flight had been delayed for two hours.  After an hour and a half of travel to the airport, a four hour airport wait, a four hour flight, an hour of baggage pickup and rental car acquisition, and half an hour to the hotel including check in, we finally were here.  But at least we didn’t have three more days of travel still ahead of us.  And Detroit had the unpleasant surprise for us of quite a bit of snow on the ground.

DSCN0453We already have completed some doctor and dentist visits, seen some friends, and had the first of at least three Christmas celebrations.  We went to my sister’s house Sunday for Christmas dinner and presents.  She made a fantastic meal with some dishes I will just have to try in the future.  The picture at the right is of me and my sisters.


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