Monday, September 22, 2014

Madison, Wisconsin

IMG_1617It was one of those days.  We had grand plans for a day trip to Madison.  We were going to get up early, head out, and visit a large itinerary of sights.  But we stayed up later than we planned, got up later than scheduled, still spent some time on the computer, and by the time we arrived near Madison and had some late lunch, we barely had time to see the Capitol and little more.  It seems we have a number of those days.

Madison does, though, have a very impressive capitol building.  It was far more impressive than the one we visited just a few days earlier in St Paul.  The dome is taller than the one in the US Capitol.  This Capitol houses the Assembly, Senate, Governor’s Offices, and the Supreme Court in its four wings.  There was an exterior observation deck up at the base of the dome where you can see the two lakes on each side of the isthmus of the city where the Capitol is.  After a stroll down the State Street Mall that runs between the Capitol and the University, it was time for the trip back to our campsite in the Wisconsin Dells area.




  1. we have those days too. Especially when we are in "sightsee " mode. Its tiring. Sometimes you just don't feel like moving. Sometimes I don't feel like learning anything but then I feel guilty if we'll only be there for a short time. Alaska was great but I am tired and ready to have some down time.

  2. Nice pictures! We were very impressed too with the capitol building. Looks like it was a beautiful day there!

  3. One of the things I like about retirement is that most plans are flexible.

  4. ha ha. . .we have a lot of those days too. . .

    We loved our stay in Madison. . .it's one of those places we would return to. . .

    adding your link to my blogpost about Madison. . .

  5. We have days like that except no time for sightseeing :-)