Sunday, March 1, 2015

As The Alligator Flies

DSCN2032Everyone is familiar with the saying, “as the crow flies” to indicate the straight-line distance between two points.  Well, the straight-line distance between our RV camp site and this pond with alligators in it is all of about one mile.  You certainly do pay attention when you see a sign that says, “SWIMMING PROHIBITED BEWARE OF ALLIGATORS”.  This pond is a part of the ecosystem of Chain of Lakes Park, a Brevard County Park here on the Space Coast of Florida.  It is a very nice Park with bicycle paths that we used during this visit.  It has baseball fields and soccer fields.  Many varieties of birds live in its wetlands.  Lest you think we are making too much of this alligator threat, shown below are a couple of the specimens we saw that day while out riding.  They say an alligator can run at up to 35 miles an hour and that if one ever starts chasing you, heaven forbid, you should zig zag as they have a hard time making turns on land.  But at 35mph, we figure at full speed these guys could be on our patio in about 2 minutes.  No, it’s not going to happen but we have heard there has been a baby gator or two get into the retention ponds of our RV Park.


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  1. I'm pretty much a follower of signs, especially those like this.