Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Plans

We try not to over plan our travels, but we do have this general concept of annual north/south travel loops.  As we are in Florida this winter, we are planning an east coast loop for 2012 ending in Texas for the winter.

We will be staying put on the Space Coast of Florida for January, February and most of March.  We are planning to go to the Tampa RV show in January.  We likely will take in Disney and Universal.  We are thinking of trying to obtain some tickets for the Daytona 500 or at least some event of “speed week”.  We also look forward to baseball Spring training and seeing the Tigers at least once during the preseason.  And then there is the golf course here at the RV park and we have vowed to become better golfers.  And I am sure we will make other day trips to places such as the beach, Melbourne, and other nearby things to see.

When we start heading north we will cross Florida and take in Silver Springs, Gainesvillle and some of the Gulf Coast.  We plan to be in North Carolina in April for the Escapees ACRE (All Chapters Rally East), which will be our first ever rally.  From there we will gradually move north taking in Raleigh/Durham, Richmond, DC, Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, New York City, Providence, Boston, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and then on to the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. 

From there, we will likely start heading “south” via Quebec City and Montreal, and back into the States in central New York, through Niagara, and back for family visits in the Midwest.  We are not sure exactly what we will take in from there on the way to Texas, but we have plenty of time to figure that out.  But it general it sounds like it will be the cities and seafood tour.

We hope to get more exercise this year and eat well, but not too well.  The motor home needs some of its ongoing preventative maintenance and as it hits its tenth birthday, hopefully not little emergency maintenance.

We hope we will have some more visitors this year and also hope to meet up with some more of our full-timing “classmates”.  Alley cat is wishing for less travel rather than more but she isn’t going to  get that wish.

We wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year.



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