Sunday, January 22, 2012

Roadside America

As we are traveling about, we refer to many internet sites for travel-related information from camping, restaurants, walking tours, truck stops, weather, directions, etc.  One of our favorite and offbeat references is one called, a place where you can find attractions and oddities during your travels, with emphasis on the oddities – and the more kitschy the better.  Let us provide a few examples.

100_0994As we are in Florida and near Cape Canaveral, how about a street sign for “I Dream of Jeannie Lane” in Cocoa Beach, the setting for the 1960’s TV sitcom starring Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden.



100_1000In the town of Christmas, Florida (yes, there really is a Christmas Florida) is the World’s Largest Alligator.




FLDOVairstream_stevenAnd how about the Airstream Ranch along the Interstate approaching Tampa (we couldn’t stop to take our own picture of this one).



100_0656There were several that we saw in Savannah including this “Cracked Earth” Monument to Savannah’s World War II dead.  We also saw the place where Forest Gump told his story while waiting for the city bus (but the bench isn’t there anymore).  And the statue of the Waving Girl who waved a greeting to every ship that entered Savannah harbor from 1887 to 1931.  And the house with the upside down windows, the Big Great Dane Statue, and the first Girl Scout Headquarters in the US.

100_0184But one of our true favorites was back in Memphis – The World’s First Billy Bass Adoption Center where you can bring them your Billy Bass for a free basket of catfish.  Gary was lamenting that he had sold his in a garage sale, but alas that was Travis Trout anyway.



We’ll be checking out RoadsideAmerica more as we start traveling north in March.

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