Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gainesville, Florida

After touring Cedar Key, we also took in Gainesville from our campground in Williston, Florida.  We were thrilled when we first pulled into the beautiful heavily treed campground and set up.  But soon we found we were overrun, no pun intended, by thousands of caterpillars.  We have no idea what these things are going to turn into, but there are going to be a ton of them whatever they are.

And we were also attacked (at least I was) by the “no-see-ums”.  These things are reportedly so tiny that they can pass through window screen.  One night we were sleeping with the bedroom window open just above my head.  The next morning I had small itchy welts all up and down one arm and a bunch of other bites all over me.  In total, I must have had over a hundred  bites on me.  Gary, who sleeps on the non-opening side of the window barely had any.  I guess it is because I am sweeter. 

We toured a bit of the University of Florida.  We had read about the bat houses and stayed until after sunset to see the bat show.  Different reports say there are anywhere between about 50,000 to 150,000 bats living here.


We didn’t get over to “the swamp” until after dark so it was really tough to take pictures.

Our pictures of the campground, Cedar Key, and Gainesville are at:

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  1. We left Florida just a couple of weeks ago and we miss it....the no see'ums too!! When will ya'll come up the coast?