Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tallahassee, Florida–An Alarming City?

2012-04-05_16-28-34_559In a blog post about the capital of Florida, why are we showing a picture of a slice of pizza?  Well, there must be a story in there somewhere.

We drove up from the gulf coast to Tallahassee for a day, planning to do some shopping and some sight seeing.  We took on the shopping first including a stop for lunch.  Someone had recommended a pizza place, saying they have really big slices.  Yes, they were mighty big slices.

So, where are the sight seeing pictures, the pictures of the state capitol building and Florida State University?.  Well, just about the time we had finished the shopping portion of the trip and were heading toward the capitol building, we received a call from the campground.  They informed us that the alarm on our motor home was going off and wouldn’t quit.  It is a really loud alarm and we could hear it in the background of the phone call.  The darn thing just wouldn’t shut down.  We were an hour away so we explained where the hide-a-keys were stowed and how to shut down the alarm once inside.  At that point, we concluded that we needed to go directly back to the campground and just skip the sight seeing portion of our trip.  They called back a short bit later to say they had gotten in the motor home and turned off the alarm.  But we thought is best to just go back anyway as Alley cat was no doubt freaked out from all the alarming and activity.

We purchased some flowers for the women of the office who had done all the calling, provided a bit of reward for the man who had to crawl under the motor home to find the key, and apologized to as many of our neighbors as we could.  I think they all took it much better than we probably had.  So there you have it – a slice of pizza is our photo memory of Tallahassee.

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