Saturday, August 4, 2012

Corning Museum of Glass

100_3825We are making a slow pass across New York State.  From Cooperstown we moved not far to the Finger Lakes region.   Thanks yet again to Passport America, we got a huge campsite for $18 a night.  We had our second weenie roast in the last two weeks.  Gary is still amazed that these were my first two weenie roasts ever.  Apparently those farm kids had lots of weenie roasts while we city kids didn’t even have campfires.

100_3765Our first outing was to the city of Corning and their amazing glass museum. We have been to a lot of museums and galleries in our tour of the East and we saw glass art works in many of them, but if you ever want to take in an amazing amount of glass art objects, this is the museum for you.  As they describe it, “see 35 centuries of glass art, from ancient to contemporary works”.  We also saw various glass making demonstrations including one on glass blowing.

100_3816We were surprised to learn that Steuben Glass is out of business.  Steuben was a division of Corning that made art glass which was frequently the gifts of Presidents to visiting dignitaries.  They used to have a retail store in Manhattan.  Apparently Steuben was sold a very few years ago and last year is was shut down by the new owners.   Our Corning pictures are at:

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