Friday, October 12, 2012

Indiana Side of Louisville

100_4148We stayed on the Indiana side of the Ohio River while in Louisville not only for the campground but as there were a few things we wanted to do there.  We drove up to Madison one day and took in a few things along the way.  We first stopped at the Lee Bottom Flying Field in Hanover.  Why did we go to an airfield when we don’t have anything to do with flying?  Well, it’s because this airfield is somewhat famous on the workkamping/volunteering circuit.  They have an RV pad there with full hookups and each summer they take on an RVer at the site in exchange for mowing of the filed and other duties around the airfield.  It is a unique workkamping experience.  We know of one couple who volunteered there and truly enjoyed it.  The field is very close to the banks of the Ohio River and it is a beautiful if somewhat remote setting.  The descent down to the river was a bit scary even in our car.  It would be even more a fright in the motor home.

100_4154We drove on to Clifty Falls State Park.  The Park’s main feature is Clifty Canyon and rock formations and waterfalls, and of course hardwood trees that weren’t quite yet at peak color.  The water going over the falls was only a trickle but they had the potential to be quite spectacular.



100_4160Our final stop was the historic district of the town of Madison, a national historic landmark.  Madison is a town of only about 12,000 people but it is an annual stop of the unlimited hydroplane racing circuit.  The city owns it own hydroplane, Miss Madison.  An improbable victory by Miss Madison in the 1971 Gold Cup race held that year in Madison was the subject of the movie “Madison” starring Jim Cavizeil.

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