Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nashville And On To The Alabama Gulf Coast

100_4222Out next stop after Louisville was Nashville.  Our normal practice is to drive around 200 miles and stay for at least a week.  Why?  It is quite a bit a work to set up and then break down camp.  Also, it is very expensive to run the motor home down the road but only one day of driving amortized into a week’s stay makes it far more affordable.  Further, driving the motor home is a lot of work.  It’s not sports car steering with a single hand on the wheel knowing it is going to track right down the lane.  A big motor home doesn’t have precise steering.  It wanders a bit and has to be corrected and the driver’s focus must always be on the road or it will be on a lane line before you know it.  And it is tough on the kitty who has to ride in her little “house” so she can’t become a projectile under hard braking.

100_4226Gary does the campground planning checking three different sources for each upcoming campground to find the best blend of accessibility, features, and cost.  Overall, his campground planning and choices have been outstanding.  But Nashville was one destination where it just didn’t work out well.  He selected the State Fair Grounds for our stop.  We had stayed at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, North Carolina and it was a fine stay.  The Tennessee Fairgrounds Camp had a couple good recent reviews, was in a great location for exploring the city, and had full hookups.  But in reality it was nothing more than hookups on a crappy asphalt parking lot.  We just could not imagine staying there a week.  Moreover, we were wanting to get to some warm weather again.  So we decided to spend just one night at the Fairgrounds, made our one trip into the city, and split the next morning.  It took two more days and an overnight in a Walmart parking lot, but after three consecutive days of 200+ mile driving days, we now are here in the very south of Alabama about 20 miles from the Gulf Coast.  And it was 85 when we got there.

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