Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Valentine’s Day………..Meat Loaf?

Gary has been fussing a bit lately that he doesn’t get to cook enough or more correctly get to cook the comfort food dishes that he especially likes.  So to kill two birds with one stone, I agreed that he could make me dinner for Valentine’s Day and knock out one his comfort food favorites in the process – meat loaf.  Now I have to say, Gary makes the best meat loaf I have ever eaten.  And how can you not love for Valentine’s Day a meat loaf shaped as a heart and even with Cupid’s arrow through it.  With baked potatoes, steamed asparagus, a fresh fruit salad, and a couple of our precious Noche Buenas, it was a wonderful dinner.


20140215_132639We need to do some more stuff in our last week here than just enjoy the weather.  But is it hard not to hang around the park and go to the pool when it has been hitting 90 the past few days.  Gary even blew up the air mattress for a nice relaxing “swim” in the pool.

Gary had an exam with an Ophthalmologist which he now alternates with Optometrist visits as he grows older.  He has some family history of macular degeneration and cataracts but got a clean bill of health and a new eyeglass prescription that we are going to try to fill in Mexico.

We stopped one day for the Yuma River Days festival but came away disappointed that there were only 30 arts and crafts vendor booths at the most.  But that didn’t stop me from finding a pretty pendant for myself and a couple gifts; I am always on the lookout for presents for the next Christmas.

The poker pro had his second straight outing with no luck at a casino just across the river in California.  We also met up one night for a Chinese buffet with our friends the Hills.  They had come down from North Ranch to, what else, have their new motor home washed and waxed.  See, we told you they all would be doing it.

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