Sunday, February 9, 2014

They’ll All Be Doing It

Have you ever watched Emeril Lagasse on TV where he puts some special ingredient in his dish or employs some unusual method, the crowd goes wild, and he puts his finger to his lips to hush the crowd and says, “shhhhhh, they’ll all be doing it”.  Well, such is the way with RV washes in Yuma, Arizona.  It is so cheap here, they are all doing it, but no one is particularly trying to keep it a secret.

DSCN0639Seems a good many of the people who went to Quartzite passed through Yuma on either the way there or afterword.  And in reading the various blogs we follow, they all were doing it – getting their RVs washed that is.  Hopefully most all of them were doing it after Quartzsite as a rig become incredibly dusty both inside and out setting in the desert for a couple weeks.  I have to vac and dust and then wash down the entirety of the insides of the rig.

DSCN0640But for the outside, all the bloggers were saying that Yuma is the cheapest place in the world to have a rig washed and waxed.  The last time we had a quote for a hand wash and wax it was back in Denver last year and they wanted $400+ (plus tip).  Here the grand total was $130.  Yes, that is right, a hand wash including them bringing their own soft water in a tank in the back of their van, a hand wax, and a tip added for $130 on a 40-foot motor home.  The only other time we actually paid to have it washed the total was $100 for a wash only.

DSCN0637We used Benjamin’s which had been recommended by at least two other bloggers and which seemed to be on the majors on the RV wash circuit here.  Jose and Ramon did a fine job and were done in less than three hours.  They told us Benjamin’s has five regular crews and at times a sixth.  And who knows how many wash crews there are across all of Yuma.

At these prices, yep, they’ll all be doing it.


  1. Yep, we did it too. At those prices it's crazy not to! Everyone else we know here at Emerald Cove got theirs done too. But I feel like it will take years to get the inside clean.

  2. Sounds like a super good deal. When we came home from our 6 week western trip the entire coach inside also had to be wiped down.