Saturday, July 26, 2014

First Visit With Little Victor

Leeanne wrote that I traveled off somewhere by myself. So just where did I go?  Well, I traveled to Columbus, Ohio to see our first grandchild, little baby Victor.  Leeanne left me behind “to guard the fort” while she went back for her parent’s anniversary in March, so it was my turn to travel.  But then she left me in Las Vegas while I left her in ……..Silverton, Oregon.  That all doesn’t seem like the fairest of trades, but as I will explain later, it all will be rectified soon.


It was wonderful to see Natasha, Andy and little Victor.  They actually trusted me to baby sit him a couple times while they went out on some short errands  Victor and I got along famously even though he didn’t do a lot more than sleep.  He is a happy, healthy baby and a bundle of joy.  So, how is Leeanne going to get her turn to see little Victor?  We have decided that after Oregon we will continue our northward trek into Washington, but thereafter we will head off to the Midwest before wintering in Florida.  So by sometime in later September we both will be back and cuddling little Victor. 


10513286_783026875942_7564865219412600785_nThis picture has a little story that goes with it.  One time while watching little Victor, I commented later to his parents that he had given me a “look” similar to the one baby Derek Jr. had made at the end of the movie Zoolander.  They both told me they knew exactly what I was talking about – they had seen the same “look”.  That night they ran the video camera on Victor for awhile and sure enough, they caught him in a  “blue steel” moment.  When Andy posted it to Facebook, one commenter remarked that it looked a bit more like “magnum” than “blue steel”, but no matter – he’s a great looker whatever you call it.

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