Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th On The Oregon Coast

After the fireworks of the birth of our first grandchild in the early hours of the 4th, anything else was going to pale in comparison.  But we did take in some Independence Day activities.  The RV Park organized a potluck lunch.  I took my favorite appetizer – jalapeno pie.  It is a very simple mixture of egg and cheddar cheese baked over a bottom layer of sliced jalapenos.  You know it is a hit when there is someone going table to table looking for the maker and the recipe.

We went down to the bay front area of Newport for dinner and a couple craft brews and walked to the boardwalk area to watch the town’s fireworks.  We don’t even know who sponsored them, but the show was about 20 minutes long.  We didn’t carry our better camera with us so we just shot some pictures with our cell phones which turned out not too bad for just some shots on automatic settings.


20140704_221110 (1)20140704_220329


  1. The jalapeno pie does sound delicious.

  2. While we usually grow pole beans, our beans for the dock party came from the neighbors and they are a fairly knew stringless green bean with more flavor than most bush beans - Roma II