Thursday, November 13, 2014

On To Savannah

DSCN1747Way overdue for a blog post.  It was a week ago Monday that we rolled out of Columbus.  Our next destination was Savannah, Georgia.  We weren’t planning to stop and explore anything in between.  Our usual travel days would have taken us three days to make the trip from Columbus to Savannah.  But it seemed a bit much to be on the road for three straight days so we decided to stretch and make it in two days.   Our first day of travel was 370 DSCN1720miles.  We know that for most people that doesn’t sound like a huge travel day, but for us it was by far the most miles we had ever traveled in a single day in the motor home.  Fortunately, it was an uneventful day of travel with no issues, just the way we like them.  I even drove the hills and hollers of southern West Virginny, but I also had some time to put my feet up literally and admire my new slippers.  We had to drive a couple of tunnels passing through Virginia. There is not a large margin of error taking a motor home through these.  We were expecting some peak Fall colors, but we were just a little too late.  There were still some bursts of color but a lot of trees already had dropped their leaves.


The first day our stop for the night was in Mt. Airy, North Carolina.  Just south of the Virginia border.  Mt. Airy.  The actor, Andy Griffith was born in Mt. Airy and the town is believed to have been the basis for Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry RFD.  Our brief stop in Mt. Airy was at the Mayberry Campground and we even camped on Andy Taylor Street.


Our second day of travel also was an uneventful one.  We drove about 325 miles to get to our campground in South Carolina near Savannah.  North Carolina gave us a greeting on one of their road signs, but we had to share it with these Wilkesboro people, whoever they are.



  1. You are definitely heading in the right direction and Savannah sounds like a fine place to be.

  2. How do the Sock Monkey Trekkers find the one and only picture of sock monkeys that you have ever posted?