Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Tickle Giggles

We are wrapping up our fourth total week in Columbus.  This last one has been a bit of a bummer as Gary still has his cold and we were only able to see little Victor one last time.  But I have a great little video to try to post.  Let’s see if I can make it work.  This video is of Andy tickling Victor and he is a giggling and giggling.

Victor's Tickle Giggles

Gary could not get an appointment with his Doctor while we were in Michigan, so he had to make a quick trip in the car up to Ann Arbor.  At least he was able to see the Doctor while we were here.  Our insurance mandates an annual physical from our primary physicians.  Last year Gary couldn’t secure an appointment and we were subject to higher deductibles throughout 2014, but it didn’t really matter as we haven’t had any medical bills of any account anyway.  He obtained both a flu shot as well as a shingles vaccine   And there were the usual admonishments to lose weight and watch the salt intake.  We both now have completed our annual physicals in 2014 so we we be back on the regular deductibles next year.

20141026_192412While Gary was gone, I cleaned the inside of the motor home and……..carved another pumpkin.  I carved another happy guy and I liked him a little better than the earlier one.  I also purchased a fresher pumpkin so he lasted a few days this time.  But now he is across the fence of the campground and into the woods for the enjoyment of the squirrels.

We were going to leave Columbus on Saturday, but now we will roll out of here tomorrow.  A cold front rolled in and we were in the 20s last night.  Our route south will take us through the Appalachians and there was six inches of snow in parts of those mountains last night.  We certainly don’t need to be traveling through anywhere with snow.  The weather now looks good for our journey so we are off to Savannah and then Florida – AND WARMER WEATHER!


  1. adorable video :)
    I am still trying to make dr. appointments for early next year. New doctor this year and the one we wanted is booked thru March which won't work for the required physical. its one of the bigger annoyances for us- finding doctors. we don't go back to Michigan anymore.

  2. I would say it is definitely time to get out of Dodge (or Columbus) and head for warmer pastures. Nice job on the pumpkin.

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