Thursday, May 30, 2013

Batching It

Denver is the last time we will be near a major airport for quite some time.  Leeanne took the opportunity to take her flight back to the Midwest to visit family, friends, and even the dentist.

2013-05-25_10-59-00_773So, what I am doing while she is away?  I am doing GUY stuff of course.  I drove out to the historic former gold mining towns of Black Hawk and Central City.  Just as with Cripple Creek, these gold mining towns flourished in the 1800s and in the 1900s almost became ghost towns.  And just as with Cripple Creek, the gold in these towns now comes from casino gambling.  The area is essentially the casino district of metropolitan Denver.

And my game of “skill” – live poker – Texas Holdem.  I played in two small tournaments of about 30 players each.  In the first one, I had my pocket aces cracked on the turn by pocket queens hitting a set.  But in the second tournament I persevered by folding all my bad cards until my cards finally improved and carried me through to a third place finish.

100_6419I also took in some beautiful scenery, if somewhat by accident.  On the way to Black Hawk, I drove up a road that following a canyon stream – Clear Creek.  It was an amazing drive with a stream full of rushing water from the snow melt off the Rockies.  They still are having snow up in the peaks and at least one ski resort still is open.  The reservoirs are full and it has rained some as well so the drought conditions are easing just a bit which is very good news for the area.




2013-05-26_10-40-32_344As for other GUY stuff, I watched the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 on the same day.  That is a lot of racing.  My head still is going around in ovals.  I went to the driving range and played golf.  I watched hockey only to see the Red Wings loose a three games to one lead in their series with the Black Hawks.  And I did a little biking on theses great urban bike trails.  Of course, I have also found ample time for some bonding with the Alley cat.

Today I am going to make a meat loaf for myself that is half Spam.  Leeanne and I are polar opposites when it comes to Spam.  She isn’t going to be the least bit sorry she missed this meat loaf.  But as I said as the start, I am doing GUY stuff.


  1. Gary, I remember Spam when I was a kid, never minded it, and actually enjoyed it. My wife is just the same as your wife though in that she will walk on the other side of the street to miss it. Hope the meatloaf was good, didja follow a recipe? If so, maybe you could pass it on to us other "Spammers".


    1. "she will walk on the other side of the street to miss it" -- gave me a good laugh!

      Here is is recipe for the Spam Meatloaf and all the other "official" Spam recipes and Spam "gear and gifts" too.

      We once went to Hawaii during the time of the "Spam Jam" -- had Spam fried rice. There is more Spam eaten per person in Hawaii than in any other State.