Saturday, May 18, 2013

Garden Of The Gods

100_6324The Garden of the Gods is a Colorado Springs city park that contains many sandstone formations spread about a 500-acre parcel of land donated to the City on one condition – that it remain free to the public and it still is free.  It hosts nearly 2 million visitors a year.



At one time these rock formations laid in the ground horizontally, but were thrust up and to vertical by the rupture of the mountain range behind them -- the range that includes Pike’s Peak.


And 47 years after his first attempt (photo on the left from the albums of Gary’s parents), Gary took another shot at lifting and pushing this giant boulder off its perch.  He pushed it up just as he had the last time, but alas he still couldn’t roll it off.



  1. well 47 yrs from now he will have to try again...

  2. I can only wish I will be giving it another go in 47 years.

  3. How fun to see the same shots side by side 47 years apart. It looks like a little erosion has taken place in those 47 years.