Saturday, May 11, 2013

US Air Force Academy

100_6180During our full-timing travels, we now have visited all three of the major military service academies.  The Air Force Academy (AFA) has a very different look from the other two.  The Naval Academy and West Point are much older and have traditional looks with mainly stone buildings.  The AFA was established in the 1950s and is aluminum and glass.  It seems rather fitting for the academy of the Air Force.

The Academy is set against the front face of the Rocky Mountains.  The center piece of the AFA is it’s chapel, an extremely stylish building.



100_6181And at the football stadium, Gary had to regale me with his stories about how the AFA had approached him to apply and if accepted try out for their football team, but that he had been rejected for consideration because of his teeth of all things – he has a bit of an overbite.  It’s the story that keeps on giving about how he could have played football against Norte Dame.

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