Monday, May 26, 2014

A Saturday Drive……..Around Lake Tahoe

On Saturday we drove a Lake Tahoe circle tour.  As measured by surface area, Lake Tahoe is the 30th largest lake in the US, but on the basis of volume, it is the 6th largest with its 1,645 foot depth – only the Great Lakes have more volume. 


The lake is completely surrounded by mountains with several of the finest ski areas in the country in its peaks.  We stopped by Squaw Valley to see the site of the 1960 Olympics.  Their tram goes right over the top of this rocky peak just to get up to the start of most of their terrain.


This wasn’t the first time that we had seen Lake Tahoe.  About 30 years ago we skied at Heavenly Valley, a ski resort that straddles the Nevada/California state lines at the south end of the Lake and has bases in both States.  You can see some of the runs on the California part of Heavenly in the far left of the picture below and also the tram we remember riding up the ski hill.


Although we enjoyed our tour, because of the route of the road, the dense trees, and commercial and residential development, we didn’t see as many vistas of the lake as we would have liked.  But it is spectacular territory just the same.

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  1. Tahoe was pretty, but we were only there for one day :)