Thursday, May 1, 2014

Some Fun Things Outside Death Valley

We had to find a place to buy some provisions.  The nearest town to where we are staying is Pahrump about 45 miles away.  Gary had the opportunity to visit Pahrump twice as he also passed through there on his trip back to Las Vegas for car service.

DSCN1031We hadn’t referenced Roadside America much lately so we decided to check out what kitsch might be available in this area.  The first was right out at the road in front of the casino RV park we are staying at.  It is a fiberglass statue to Herman the Holstein steer.  One of the “attractions” of this casino had been a 3,000 pound live steer housed in a pen on the casino’s grounds.  The fiberglass statue is out at the road to call attention to their attraction.  But Herman died last year so now the only attraction now is the statue.  We aren’t sure just why this statue to Herman the steer has teats but at least it is a Holstein.

DSCN0937Not far down the road is the Amargosa Opera House.  It is in the “town” of Death Valley Junction.  This town was built as a factory town for workers of a Borax operation and it included this entertainment venue which apparently was more a vaudeville site than one for classic opera.

DSCN0942In Pahrump we drove by the property of a guy who makes custom caskets and has a collection of hearses, a pet cemetery out the front, and white “coffins” for pillars on the house.



DSCN0944We stopped for an ice cream cone at a place that claims to have the world’s largest ice cream cone extending out of the top of the building.  We have seen larger in our travels but we are thinking there really isn’t any policing agency for the outrageous claims of biggest, tallest, best, one and only, etc of kitschy places.




The town of Pahrump in part famous or infamous for being the nearest town to Las Vegas with legal brothels.  The Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s Ranch are the ones in Pahrump.


DSCN0956We also discovered that there really is an “easy street”.  We found it right there in the town of Pahrump.  No, we aren’t living there, but it is good to know that it does exist.  Maybe it is the brothel owners who live there in Pahrump.


DSCN1185Up the road a bit from our campground is a fireworks store on Highway 95 that claims to possess the world’s largest  firecracker – an M-800.  This store must do big business.  We saw a flyer at the casino that they would be having their annual fireworks demonstration during our stay.  We drove up there and the store put on quite the show.  We still are sorry we missed the pyrotechnic convention in Lake Havasu, but for Amargosa Valley, this was an impressive show.



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