Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Carson City, Nevada

IMG_1094We haven’t yet written about the actual city we were camped in – Carson City.  It has two big claims to fame. One, it was named after mountain man Kit Carson, and two, it is the capital of the State of Nevada.

Carson City has been the capital of Nevada since its statehood in 1864




IMG_1089Over the holiday weekend we drove all of about a mile to park and stroll the the capitol grounds.  The state capitol building was completed in 1871. It is no longer used for meetings of the state assembly and senate; they are now housed in a separate modern building on the same grounds.  The Nevada Supreme Court Building is also on the same grounds.  The Governor’s Mansion is located a few blocks away.



On Memorial Day, we also happened upon a couple monuments, one to Nevada Veterans and the second to the USS Nevada, a battleship that was torpedoed and bombed by Japanese war planes in Pearl Harbor.


IMG_1107And just a couple blocks down the street from the capitol was this monument to the biggest single industry of the State of Nevada – casino gambling..

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  1. I have not been to a lot of state capitals, but I can't imagine a less assuming one than Carson City - I think it is a nice little town.. I guess with a population of 2.7 million mostly in two places and the majority of your land belonging to the feds, it doesn't take too much to govern Nevada.