Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Week Of Babysitting With Baby Victor

DSCN1602After we finished up at Zip Dee northwest of Chicago, we headed across Indiana spending one night in Fort Wayne at the Johnny Appleseed Campground in a city park.  At the turn onto the final road to take us into the campground, Samantha, the voice of our GPS system announced,  “turn left on Harry Baalz Drive”. I still laugh at that street name. The next day we rolled on to Columbus, Ohio.  The day after setting up camp, our son Andy brought our one and only Grandchild, Victor, out for his first visit to our motor home.  After we received some instructions over the weekend, we spent Andy and Natasha’s work week sitting for little Victor in their home.  Their regular sitter was off for the week and we were thrilled to take on the opportunity.  And while sitting, we also made them a home-cooked meal each day.  Andy said it was the only week that they had ever sat down every night of the week for a meal together at their home.

DSCN1611This was my first introduction to Victor.  Gary had flown back in July, a couple weeks after Victor was born on the 4th of July, but this was my first chance to see and hold him.  Why do I look more thrilled than Victor?

Our week went well and rather quickly.  I gave him his bottle feedings and gave Gary the diaper duty.  Wow, it has been a long time since we were last doing these jobs.  We still haven’t been able to successfully sit the parents and snap a picture of them with Victor, but we did manage more than a few other photos.  He sure is a growing boy at more than 15 pounds at three months old.



  1. "Harry Baalz" is better than when we got "turn right on Dam Road".

  2. He is so dadblasted cute Mr. Victor, I love the name and he is such a cuttee pie, your family got a good deal with grandma and grandpa babysitting and making a decent meal to sit down and actually enjoy it with a 3 month old is pretty neat too..see how wonderful parents and grandparents you are, congrats upon meeting and being with your sweet angel of an only grandchild Victor..happy holidays coming up soon!