Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back To Victorville

No, we didn’t make a sudden change of course and head west to California where Victorville is a town on the Interstate between LA and Vegas.  Our Victorville is Columbus, Ohio where our near four-month-old little grandson lives.

20141023_112210Tuesday night we went out to eat with Andy, Natasha, and Victor (well, Victor just hung out in his portable car seat).  We made plans to baby sit the little one on Thursday and Friday.  But then Wednesday morning Gary woke up with a sore throat – one he described as raw.  In our three years of traveling, we have avoided either one of us coming down with a nasty virus until now.  I sat with Victor by myself both Thursday and Friday.  Gary got to wave from a distance.  And this virus is a nasty one.  From the sore throat, in a couple of days it traveled into his head and sinuses.  And then after a couple more days it moved into his chest.  I sure hope I don’t catch this thing, much less the baby and his parents.  And here Victor wore his Grandpa shirt for the Grandpa who couldn’t get near him.

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  1. hope Gary is feeling better! enjoy the grandson!