Monday, October 20, 2014

Michigan Visit Week 2

When you are back for a home visit, there isn’t a ton to blog about.  I guess we could describe each of our many meals out, but they were mainly eaten at our former favorite haunts without any fantastic new local delicacies to report on.  We could report on our various shopping trips, but JC Penny’s is not exactly new for us.

DSCN1665So, let’s see what I can blog about.  I carved a pumpkin.  This time I carved a happy face.  Unfortunately, when I went to clean the pumpkin I found it had quite a bit of softness and I only got about three nights of enjoyment from him.





20141016_223026I also decorated Alley Cat for Halloween.  Our friend Nancy gave us this colorful little costume.  Even though it attaches with the very same type of velcro straps that her regular holster employs, you would have thought she was pained to wear it by the way she barely slinked around in it.  Of course Gary was there to say he wanted to defend her dignity and released her from it.  But this one is going to get some additional wear by the end of the month.

Let me send out a request to Canadians – please come and take back your signature geese.   They foul everything and especially our campground. 

DSCN1670By the end of our Michigan stay it was just about at the peak of Fall colors.  The reds, yellows and oranges were beautiful.  But with those Fall colors came some Fall weather as we hit a low of 30 one night.  But by the middle of November we will be in Florida for our Winter stay.   We can still enjoy the colors of four seasons – at least in small doses.


We had to chance to go out to lunch one day with our friends from the brew club, the Kennedys.  I had the chance to see my sisters and parents several times and borrow their washing machine on a couple of visits.  We completed most of our appointments.  And we will be back at Christmas time as well.  It’s now back to Ohio for some more time with little Victor before we head off for some warmer weather.


  1. I like the cats costume but not sure it did.

  2. Our cats would not take costuming so well.