Thursday, January 22, 2015

Changes Could Be Coming

1969402_10203919716578159_3932831341296515677_nLast week we drove over to the West Coast (of Florida that is) and spent two days touring the Tampa RV Supershow.  We had gone to this RV show three years ago and it is amazing.  There are somewhere between 1,200 and 1,500 RVs on display.  Last time, we attacked this giant show all in one day heading out at the crack of dawn and not returning to our motor home until midnight after enjoying an evening in Tampa as well.  This time we drew on our experience and made it a two-day affair.  We had enough points from our trip North to secure a free night’s stay at a motel directly across from the entrance to the Fairgrounds.  Leaving a little later, we avoided the traffic crush and simply parked at the motel avoiding the parking fee in the process.  The entrance fee is good for two consecutive days of entry so we took advantage of that as well.  We had dinner one night and lunch the next day in Tampa and had a nice little vacation away from the motor home in Titusville.  While wading through the throng of people, we just happened to bump into our full timing classmates and friends Toni and Daryle.  I think this was the fifth encounter we had had with them in our 3 1/2 years of full timing.  And they were married since we last saw them as well.  Congratulations Toni and Daryle.  And, oh, Toni was taking the picture.

So, about these potential changes, we looked at a lot of different things at the show and some were very interesting to us such as this rig.


But no, we are not going to buy a $2 million Newell, a favorite of NASCAR drivers.  But we are seriously contemplating some changes.  So, stay tuned.  We might just be making a change………or not.