Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hot Weather–Let’s Go To The Beach

In part, that title is for our northern friends and family as we know they are now suffering through by far their coldest conditions this Winter.  But as the beach trip was Sunday, the cold front has pushed even into Florida and we had our coldest night too last night – 39 and today it is only in the low 60s.

020But on Sunday the forecast for the Space Coast was in the low-to-mid 80s – near the record high.  The sun was shining and we made our first trip of the season to the beach.   The closest beach would be out on Cape Canaveral but that is undeveloped and very secluded – well, except for the nude sunbathers we encountered out there 3 years ago.  Our beach of choice is Cocoa Beach just down from “I Dream Of Jeannie” Lane.   We set up not far from restaurant Coconuts on the Beach which has bathrooms, live music, and food and cold beverages.  We took our folding chairs and umbrellas; we have only had to replace one of our two $6 Harbor Freight umbrellas in our 3 and a half years of fulltiming.


We didn’t go into the ocean.  Portuguese Man of War were washing up and we didn’t want to be stung.  And we already noted that Coconuts has bathrooms.  It was great being out on sandy beach and watching and listening to the waves roll in.

Lions_logoAfter the beach we trekked down to the town of Melbourne and found a place to watch our Detroit Lions……….yes, in the NFL playoffs.  We have noted in another blog or two that we are long-suffering Lions fans.  And in our first step toward the elusory Super Bowl title, well, in a word we were jobbed  NEVER in the history of the NFL has a defense been flagged for pass interference, the refs announce the penalty, spot the ball accordingly, and then without any explanation just pick up the flag and respot the ball from 1st and 10 back to 4th and long.  But then the Cowboys at Green Bay was the dream matchup for this weekend.  WE WERE JOBBED!


  1. Still sounds like nice weather to me:) Here in the FL panhandle it was 22 last night and is already getting close to freezing again:(

  2. Sounds like a good day at the beach and you went just in time.

  3. Strangest thing I have seen when they picked up the flag. And then was the holding the refs didn't call later on a Dallas 4th down play. Sure wanted the matchup they got.

  4. Would LOVE to get in on some beach time right now. Looks like your having a great time