Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Holiday Travels

Our trip to the Midwest in the car for Christmas totaled 2,600 miles, 13 nights, 4 motels, Christmases in both Michigan and Ohio, 3 dentist visits, and many restless nights for the Alley Cat but we would not have been without our families.  Before we left, we did have a chance to “decorate” the motor home and car.


The lights on the luggage rack were a big hit as we received many a thumbs up from other drivers and pedestrians.

Christmas with my family was hosted by my sister and her new little doggy, Frizz both dressed in their best Christmas garb.  And her living room was filled with presents.


In Ohio with Natasha and Andy, of course little Victor was the star of the show.  How could that boy be any cuter?



  1. Lots of driving but it looks well worth it:)

  2. Agree with Chuck and Anneke, a ton of driving but great Christmas memories.