Friday, July 29, 2016

How Is Alley Cat Doing?

At the Wayne County Fairgrounds in suburban Detroit, we are only about a mile as the crow flies from where we had a home on Belleville Lake for about 18 years.  We really enjoyed our time living there, but eventually we hit the wall with all the work that went with lake living and flower gardens and greatly downsized (as partial preparation for the ultimate downsizing of full time RVing).



We don’t have a whole lot to report after a week here.  We have seen my mother several times and used her washer and dryer.  We had a family dinner at her house.  We took her to the casino once.  And we have met some friends. 

So with this somewhat slower pace, maybe it is time for a update on our kitty.  Alley has been with us for 11 years now after we literally found her in an alley one night when she was just a year old.   Someone had dumped her and after taking her for a stint at the pound to see if anyone would come for her, we went back and rescued her.  And she has done a ton of traveling with us ever since.

We estimate that she has done over 40,000 miles of traveling including 43 US States and 4 Canadian Provinces.  She has traveled in a few different cars, 4 motor homes, and now hangs out in our travel trailer when we are parked.  So, how is she doing in the such small confines.  It seems she has adapted but we will share some pictures and let our readers decide for themselves.






  1. haha, they sure do manage to take over the space!!

  2. I think she needs to come live with me.

  3. I always like to go back home for the occasional visit to see what has changed and reminisce about the good ole days. I think Alley looks plenty content in her surroundings.

  4. To paraphrase a famous philosopher:
    Cats spend 20 hours a day sleeping.............and the rest of the time they do nothing.

    Seems Alley is representing.