Friday, July 1, 2016

Columbus Park of Roses

We were keen to visit this rose garden during the peak rose blooming month of June. The Columbus Park of Roses has nearly 12,000 roses of more than 400 varieties. It is located in the northern end of the city of Columbus and is a free garden. We have been there a few times and enjoyed the stroll, but this would be our first time in June.

But when we walked up the hill and into the garden, it was like, "what happened, where is the sea of rose blooms"? It was more of a late Summer type show rather than a peak season. There still was color and plenty of beautiful individual blooms but the myriad roses just weren’t there. We did notice that many of the roses blooms were being feasted on by Japanese Beetles and also no one seemed to be dead heading the bushes, but maybe we were just a bit late for peak season too.

In any event, we had a nice walk through the park. Gary's Mother always grew and loved roses so we think of her as we view roses and this park has many of the varieties she used to grow. Enjoy the pictures we were able to capture. (Click on any of the pictures to make them larger.)



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