Thursday, July 14, 2016

On From Columbus -- For Now

After a week in Charleston and two weeks in Columbus, it was time to move on with our Summer tour of the Midwest even if we don't really want to leave little Victor. But we will be back in September.

We saw a lot of Vic in our second week of Columbus. There was the Fourth of July birthday and then we sat with him all day for three days of the short week. For his birthday, we had purchase the little one a blow up swimming pool. Our son was more than happy to see us be the ones to set it up. We were happy to do it. He enjoyed his backyard dips with us and we sure enjoyed him. Andy, Natasha, and Victor came by the campground to say goodbye for now and take in the pool and playground. And we have more pictures of Victor to share.




From Columbus we moved to the Mississinewa Reservoir in Peru, Indiana for our next adventures with the families of Gary's brother and sister. We have a pretty packed week of activities that we will be reporting on.

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