Thursday, September 29, 2016

Daniel Boone Country/Frankfort, Kentucky

Of course one who writes "The BooneDocks" would want to pay respects to the Daniel Boone who founded the first white man settlement in Kentucky and blazed the Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap of the Appalachians by which many other settlers of mid-America passed. We did this by visiting the grave site of Daniel Boone and his wife Rebecca in a cemetery in Frankfort, Kentucky -- the capital of Kentucky.


Daniel and Rebecca Boone actually died and were buried in Missouri. But the remains were subsequently dug up and reinterred in a hillside grave site high above the Kentucky River. There is some question if the remains of Daniel really were moved as he may have been buried at the foot of Rebecca's grave rather than at her side. One anthropologist contends the remains in Frankfurt really are of a slave.




So, are the BooneDocks descendants of Daniel Boone? Well, we obviously love to blaze the trail traveling about the country just as Daniel did. But we are afraid that is about the only connection. Daniel Boone was of English and Welsh descent. Our Boone heritage in the new world dates back to 1741 when Johann Diel Bohne of Germany arrived on a ship in Philadelphia. Within a generation the Bohne name had been changed to the English Boone version. So, in all likelihood we don't have a blood connection to Daniel.


While in Frankfort, we also toured the State Capitol building and viewed the Governor's Mansion and the floral clock on the capitol grounds. It was pretty much your typical capitol building with House, Senate, and Supreme Court Chambers within a stone building featuring a rotunda and various statues of famous citizens. The floral clock was particularly impressive as it was a giant flower pot suspended at an angle on a pedestal over a fountain.



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