Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sister's Birthday/Michigan Wrap Up

Once again, I am behind in my blogging.  So let’s get at least the beginning of the month caught up.

My younger sister turned 50 this year (she is the one in the pictures "wearing" the bunny ears). We planned our schedule this Summer so we could be in Michigan for Gary's 5K race and me to be around for my sister's birthday. And I wasn't just around. I threw a birthday party around the old campfire for her (albeit "camped" at the Wayne County Fairgrounds). But we really did have a campfire.

My mother and my older sister came as well and of course Gary was there too. We got all caught up, solved all the world's problems, and had a nice birthday celebration. I cooked out and grilled chicken and had a meal with all the fixings. I even made a birthday pie -- the Boone family recipe for sugar cream pie. And to finish it off, we had toasted marshmallows over that campfire I mentioned.



We finished our stay in Michigan after Labor Day. We spent a total of 5 weeks there this Summer. It was nice to be "home" with family and friends. So on to Columbus (from where we actually already have left) and more time with Grandson Victor. I'll have to get that blog done before at least we move on from our current location.

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