Monday, September 12, 2016

Gary Isn't The Only One To Lose Weight

Gary isn't the only one of us who has lost weight. Actually, I have lost just about as much as he has. We joke that between us we have lost the equivalent of a person.

Most of Gary's weight loss has been through diet and exercise. Mine came off a little differently as I had two life events in the past year that affected my lifestyle. One was the loss of my Dad. That was an emotional and stressful time and I lost weight because of it. And the other was my shoulder surgery and subsequent recovery. You just don't eat a lot when you are in the kind of pain that accompanies a shoulder surgery and the pain medicine took away my appetite as well. And the physical therapy got me active..

But Gary and I are both eating much more wisely. We eschew the buffets, sweets, and snacks. So just how much did I lose? Well, a woman never tells. But from the pictures below you will get the idea.



  1. Both of you are to be commended ... it's awfully hard to stay away from buffets, sweets and snacks. During commercials of football games I HAVE to switch channels so I don't see their food. Great job. No matter what the factors are, it's a hard thing to do ... lose weight.