Friday, September 2, 2011

"Camp Bagman" Second Week of August 2011

It seemed we just couldn’t get the condo fully emptied while we were still living there and our motor home was stored in a lot where there weren’t any hookups making is basically unlivable.   We thought about moving the motor home to the nearest campground but that was more than 30 miles away and would not have been convenient.  During the first weekend of August, we basically finished loading up the motor home.  And it just so happened that during July Gary had stopped by to meet someone known as “Bagman” from who owns a bag business and warehouse in the city where our condo was located.  Lo and behold, Bagman also had some RV storage spaces behind his warehouse and with 50/30 amp service to boot.  We asked if we could rent a space there, only about a mile as the crow flies from our condo.  He graciously agreed to host us.

After a very tiring and back breaking weekend of loading up, on Monday, August 8, we moved the motor home over to Camp Bagman, and started living out of it.  We were never to spend another night in our condo.  But there was still all the work of the remaining cleanout, cleanup, inspections etc.  But we were now full timers, just the same.  One of the amenities at Camp Bagman was the whistle of the nearby trains.  Camp Bagman is located adjacent to about 5 train tracks.  Although our condo was located within 6 blocks of the tracks, we rarely had the opportunity to listen to the nightly (all night) train horns.  With the closing just days away, we gave power of attorney to our realtor and hit the road for the first time as full timers on Monday, August 15.

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