Friday, September 2, 2011

The Trip On To Texas

We left Kamp Kevin and reached our next stop of Evansville, Indiana on the banks of the Ohio River.  Now before you think we were finally camping, Gary had us parked for the night off the back of another garage so we could have a better braking system installed in the tow car.  We had SMI headquarters install an Air Force One braking system to replace the Brake Buddy we were using.  But we did have a nice dinner down at the Aztar casino in Evansville.

From Evansville, we traveled across Kentucky and Tennessee and just into Missouri where we camped for the first time as full timers in a very legitimate campground on the Mississippi River.  We crossed both the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers that day and I was about on the floor both times.  I never have liked crossing high bridges and especially not in the tall perch of a motor home looking over the guard rail and down into the water.

We spent a nice night in Little Rock, Arkansas in a downtown campground on the banks of the Arkansas River and went to an Arkansas Travelers minor league baseball game.  It seemed a bit more like an adventure now.

A couple days later we arrived in Livingston, Texas at the home RV park of Escapees, the premier organization of full time RVers.

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  1. Leeanne and Gary,
    Good to hear about your adventure. It will be something to share with all your friends and relatives, forever.

    Your e-mail with the blog info has been passed on to Marla (in Houston) and Vance,(now in Dublin, OH.)

    This our second posting. It seems that the first got lost in transit.
    Uncle Henry & Aunt Gloria