Friday, September 2, 2011

July and the First Week of August 2011

 With our on-the-road date only one month away, we began making plans to put the condo into the hands of a property manager as a rental.  We really didn’t want to rent it, but it seemed like that was going to be the only viable option.

We really intensified the disposition of our “stuff”.  Family antiques were picked up by Gary’s brother’s family.  Gary’s son just happened to buy a house with his Fiancee and he was able to take a fair amount of stuff; we were very happy they could use it, rather than us selling it.  We also loaded them up with other things they never even knew they wanted and needed.

We had a very nice reception at The Oak Café and a lot of our friends and family came to see us off and wish us well on our new adventure.

We cleaned out all the files and pulled out the stuff from every nook and cranny.  We were going from about 3,000 sq ft including the basement to about 400 in the motor home.

We lowered the listing price of the condo and were about to sign on with the property manager when in later July we had another showing.    We received some very good feedback after the showing and decided to delay our August 1 departure a bit to see how it all played out.  The motor home was in the service shop anyway and we “borrowed it back” the last weekend in July to begin loading it up.   After a second showing of the condo and some negotiations we reached a deal for a sale. 

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