Tuesday, September 20, 2011


From Arkansas we went to Tunica, Mississippi, just south of Memphis, Tennessee.  We camped in the RV Park of Harrah’s Tunica casino.  It seems a number of casinos around the country have RV parks and at very reasonable rates (if you avoid the gambling which they are trying to draw you there for).   Harrah’s has a Paula Deen buffet featuring food all made according to her recipes.  Her broccoli salad was great and I got the recipe.  Gary really enjoyed the gumbo.  We saw cotton fields around Tunica.  Each bloom is like four individual cotton balls.  I picked a few for souvenirs.

We also explored Memphis from our Tunica base.  I went to Graceland (Gary had already been there).  We had BBQ  at Corky’s, featured on the Travel Channel’s best places for BBQ.  We also explored Beale Street, Memphis’ version of Bourbon Street, but with a blues vibe rather than a jazz one. We visited the Peabody Hotel where they have the world famous ducks.  Each morning they bring 5 ducks down to the lobby water fountain from where they live on the roof of the hotel.  They are brought down on the elevator and walk a red carpet to the fountain.  At 5:00 p.m. they have a big ceremony to escort the ducks back on the red carpet to the elevator to the roof where they stay the night.  

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