Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Disney Adventures Are Over

On the final day of our Disney 3-day tickets, we visited the Disney Hollywood Studios.  It was another fun day with Disney’s magic.  We don’t know when we will be back in Florida. It likely will be several years based on our current planning.  We are glad we visited Disney, but they are going to have to do some updating at some point in order to earn any future business from us.

The weather here has been simply fantastic.  We had mid 70’s for every visit to the parks and it has been in that range on almost a daily basis.  We really didn’t expect that the Florida weather would be so consistently warm.  The only problem with the weather is that it has been unusually dry and to the point that there have been grass fires of the type that caused all the smoke and the horrific accident on Interstate 75.  There is smoke in the air here today as there is a controlled being conducted over on Cape Canaveral.

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