Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Six-Months Anniversary

Huh, you thought we had been married for 25 years?  Yes, that is correct, but we are talking about our six-months anniversary of living full time in the motor home.  And we are in no way ready to quit and we are very much looking forward to our travels this year and our next winter in Texas.

It’s more than a bit hard to believe we have been full timing for six months already.  But time flies when you are having fun.  And we have been having fun and enjoying our life on the road, and especially the warm weather of the south compared with the cold and snow of the north, even if it has been a somewhat milder winter back in the midwest.

What has been the biggest adjustment and what we still are struggling with?  Well, we had always slept in a king-size bed.  We still haven’t learned to live well with the RV queen size mattress.  It is plenty comfortable, but it just isn’t big enough.  It doesn’t appear we could make a king size fit so we are going to have adjust better to it. But if that is far and away our biggest remaining issue, then we must be doing rather well overall.


  1. Congrats on your first 6 months. Soon it will be One Year... then Two! Its been Two years for us this week! I still havent posted a recap on our travels like so many people do. Maybe I will do a recap for year 1 and Year 2... maybe not. I wonder if we had a Queen bed, if we would get out of it earlier?? We are too comfortable and dont like to get up!

  2. Congrats on your new adventures......I came over from and love your blog. We go to Disney any chance we get. I have joined your site and see that Barry and Linda are followers also. We met them when we were camp hosts at Lake Kissimmee State Park...alot of good people on the road. Have fun

  3. congratulations on the 6 months! we are going on 3 years and are loving it.
    The east coast loop that you are doing this year is what we have in mind for next year. I am already looking at state parks in FL for next winter.
    I didn't know if you knew, but there is such a thing as an Olympic Queen mattress. not many people sell them anymore but you can still get them. They are just 6 inches wider than a regular queen. Not sure if that would work for you, but worth looking at!