Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why Aren’t These Kids In School?

After our many travel-related posts, it’s time for our first social commentary on the blog.

In our travels after Labor Day, we keep seeing kids out and about and we keep asking:  “why aren’t these kids in school”?  On the beach at Myrtle Beach, in the campgrounds south of there, at the Disney parks, and seemingly every where we go, “why aren’t these kids in school”.  Now don’t get us wrong, we love seeing kids at the beach and at amusement parks, but why are they there on school days?  We understand that a lot of the kids at Disney were Brazilians who are not in school now during the southern hemisphere summer but they are easy to discern from their Portuguese.  We also understand that some RVers are full timing with their kids and are home schooling.  And there are also the occasional days off from school.  Even after discounting for all these factors, there are seemingly just way too many kids not in school that should be on any given day.

Our parents never would have taken us out of school for the beach.  Would they have started or ended a school break a day early or late – maybe but probably not.  So, enlighten us.  Who are these kids and why aren’t they in school?


  1. Hi! I follow your blog and enjoy reading and learning from it. We hope to be full time RVers one day. It's possible that many of the school-aged kids you are seeing go to year-round school and they are "tracked-out" for their vacation. The students go to school for 9 weeks then track out for 3 weeks. This schedule repeats through out the year, there is no 3 month summer vacation.

  2. Im a traveling salesman, so i use a lot of libraries for their wifi. I see countless kids, 4-7 or 8 years old, out with their mothers, who are obviously unemployed, during school hours. Its enraging.