Monday, February 20, 2012

A Wise Old Owl…….



Well, we are actually not sure just how wise she is nor old for that matter, but she is our owl, or rather our RV Park’s owl.  We have been surprised by the range of birds we have seen around here.  We have seen many an eagle’s nest and some eagles soaring in the sky.  At a nearby park there are nests on top of light poles for a baseball diamond and for the soccer field.  We don’t 100E1087know what they do when they need to turn on the lights.  But back to our owl.  We have been hearing her at night for a few weeks.  Someone finally pointed her nest out to us.  And at times she pops up out of the nest during the daytime.  Recently we snapped some pictures of her.  Others told us she had babies in the nest but that they had suddenly disappeared.  They were afraid that maybe an eagle had gotten them.  Now isn’t our owl and amazing one?

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