Monday, July 23, 2012

A Relaxing Week in Vermont

100_3596Ah, it was nice “to take a week off” and relax a lot.  We camped on South Hero Island, the largest of Lake Champlain’s islands.  The Lake is about 125 miles long and defines the border between much of western Vermont and eastern upper New York State.  We were unable to catch a glimpse of “Champ”, Lake Champlain’s equivalent of “Nessie” or the Loch Ness Monster, but then we were being mighty lazy.  We made it to the pool a few times and played par 3 golf a couple times.  And we caught up on some chores such as washing and cleaning the motor home.

2012-07-21_19-46-09_659We traveled three times into Burlington, Vermont’s largest city.  It is a lakefront college town as the home of the University of Vermont.  It is yet another town we have visited with a vibrant downtown shopping, dining and entertainment district.  Maybe we had become too adjusted to the Detroit metro model where the city moved out to the suburbs with shopping malls and very little “downtown” anywhere in the city or suburbs.  Burlington is only a town of around 40,000 people but had a dining district of at least 20 blocks, the core of which was a pedestrian only street filled with sidewalk cafes and shops.  And it wasn’t just busy on the weekend.  There were huge crowds there on Tuesday and Thursday nights.


  1. We stayed on Hero Island for a few days, at Apple Island Resort. Are you going down the other side, into New York?
    We are headed to Michigan in September- think you might be there around then?

    1. Hey Sue. Apple Island was where we stayed -- a nice park but a bit pricey but at least we got a couple days at the Passport America rate. Yes, we will be moving across New York State for about 3 weeks. We do have some appointments in the Detroit area for very late August and will be there for some time but not sure how much in August versus September yet. Stay in touch and if we are all there at the same time we'll catch up!