Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some French Canadian Delicacies

100_3483We were touring Quebec City today (more on this amazing city in future posts).  In a Province and a City that have a very strong French heritage, you would expect to find some “haute cuisine”.  Well we found some very new things to eat today.  You can decide how haute the cuisine was.  Pictured to the right is a dish known as poutine.  We had never heard of it before today.  What is it?  Well, start with french fries, layer on some cheese curds (aka squeaky cheese as it really does squeak on your teeth as you eat them) and then smother them with some brown gravy.  Yummmmmmmmmy.

Our second new delicacy was the “euro hot dog”.  This one takes a special hot dog machine as shown below.  You slice up a section of a French baguette.  You push the baguette down over the spikes on the machine which forces open a hole in the baguette and as the spikes are warm they also heat the inside of the baguette.  They pull the baguette section off the spike and squirt mustard and/or other condiments into the hole in the baguette.  They then pull a hot dog out of the steamer portion of the machine and insert a skinny hot dog (actually a spicy sausage) about the length of a foot long with tongs into the hole in the baguette which also dresses it with the condiments.  Voila, a euro hot dog and quite tasty actually..

Finally, we also had some raw milk cheeses.  In the US, most all cheese is made from pasteurized milk, but in Canada they can make cheese from unpasteurized milk which makes for some unique textures and flavors.  These may have been our true delicacies of the day.

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