Friday, July 27, 2012

Albany, New York

As we drove quite a way to see the baseball game in Troy, NY, we decided we would also take in Albany, the capital of New York State,  Albany is on the banks of the Hudson River as is Troy.  We obtained a walking tour map at the visitor’s center and explored the city on foot. We were very much struck by the enormity and architecture of the complex of government buildings in Albany.  In many respects, it reminded us of Brasilia, the capital of the country of Brazil, not the government complex of just a US State.  When one thinks of of certain states having fiscal problems, including New York State, you just look around and think here is part of the reason why.



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  1. Thanks for coming by ~ I will be checking out your travels from now on... If we'd known about you before we could have hooked up since I think we might have been in Canada at the same time... We are still here! lol lol YES it is expensive and cost a fortune to eat out... everything is outrageous and I guess that is why they (Canadians) flock to Florida for the winters because it is about half the price as here.
    Have fun & Travel safe