Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To Newfoundland or Not to Newfoundland?

That is a question we have been discussing for a few weeks now.  As we headed toward the Atlantic Provinces, it was a clear shot that we would be going to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, but Newfoundland/Labrador was a much bigger decision.


As you can see, there is no way to get to Newfoundland by land.  There is no bridge as there was to Prince Edward Island.  It is over 100 miles to the from the northern end of Nova Scotia to the southwestern tip of Newfoundland.  We considered taking the motor home and car on the ferry, or just the car, leaving the motor home in Nova Scotia and using motels is Newfoundland.  We gave up on the latter as we would have had to leave Alley cat behind in the motor home which we could have done for two or three days, but that would not have allowed for much more than a ferry ride and back (about six hours each way).  Moreover, if there is particularly bad weather, the return trip can be delayed indefinitely.

We drove up to the ferry terminal to check things out more closely for the possibility of taking the full rig over.  There were plenty of 18 wheelers making the trip on the ferry so it would not have been a problem for us.  The cost was $500 each way.  And if you travel over to the Atlantic coast of Newfound and take the ferry back from there, it is an $1,100 trip back and 15 hours of sailing.  At these price we would have wanted to go for a considerable period of time to justify the cost.

In the final analysis, we just didn’t feel we had two weeks and a thousand or two dollars for ferry rides to spare for the trip.  Gary had more desire to go as it would have marked his travel in all 10 of the Canadian Provinces in addition to all 50 US States, but even he agreed that it was just too much of a journey.  Instead, we have begun our western migration to resume our cities tour, this time of Quebec City and Montreal.

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